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Smoke Free Movies

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The Problem
Now Showing Healh Impacts by state How Movies Sell Smoking Amount of smoking in each studio's films Brand Identification Big Tobacco & Hollywood Public vs. Private Statements Fact vs. Fiction

Corruption or stupidity?

There are only two possibilities:

• The 390,000 kids recruited to smoke each year by the smoking they see on screen are worth $4 billion in lifetime sales to the tobacco companies. And that’s just in the United States.

• Either the film studios and their corporate parents are still compensated to promote tobacco, which means they’re corrupt. Or else they’re pushing tobacco for free, which means they’re stupid.

Decide for yourself.

Now Showing
Movies with smoking, now in theaters or released to video.

Studio Scores
Who makes the most kid-rated movies with smoking?

How Movies Sell Smoking
Marketers and researchers agree that movies sell cigarettes.

Brand Identification
Looks like product placement. Smells like product placement.

Big Tobacco & Hollywood
Once-secret company documents reveal decades of collusion.

Public vs. Private Statements
Of course they deny working together. They always have.

Fact vs. Fiction
Is smoking on screen realistic? Does it kill half the characters?

Big Tobacco and the big media companies that own the movie studios are rich and influential. But the truth is even more powerful. Get the facts. Learn who's responsible. Then take action.

"My Best Friend's Wedding", "Men in Black", "The Last Boy Scout", "Volcano"

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