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The single biggest media risk to kids ... is in your DVD player. Yet 88 percent of kid-rated movies with smoking carry no warning of their toxic tobacco content. For 2009 movie list, fact sheet, sample letter to leading DVD retailers and more, download your free DVDanger action kit. Want to do more? Contact us.

UPDATED for parents and community groups, the Screen Out! action campaign endorsed by American Heart Association, American Legacy Foundation, American Medical Association, and New York State Department of Health.

YOUR ONLINE ACTION KIT: The global movement against smoking in youth-rated movies is growing fast — one parent, one young person, one community at a time. Start clicking to make a real difference on this life-and-death issue...

Action alerts. Sign up for Smokefree Movies email alerts and take action when it counts. Privacy assured, opt out any time!

Free organizing tools. For families, schools and civic groups, there’s power in numbers. Lively video, PowerPoint and PDFs.

Global petition. Add your name to stop youth-rated movies recruiting new young smokers around the world.

Pass SFM resolutions. Civic bodies from New York State to California endorse Smoke Free Movie goals. How about yours?

Write media CEOs. No message carries more weight than an original, civil, well-informed letter based on sincere conviction.

Reform state film subsidy programs. Taxpayers now spend $1.4 billion subsidizing movies, including youth-rated movies that promote smoking to kids. Find out what you can do to stop it.

Support top prosecutors. Most state Attorneys General are pressing the studios to solve this problem. Is yours on the list?

Own media shares? Is your portfolio really tobacco-free? Not if you own the companies that own Hollywood. Action ideas!

Engage local theaters. Explain your concerns to local managers, then go all the way to the top of the theater chains.

And video retailers. Push local and chain-wide policies to label video tapes and DVDs that include tobacco imagery.

Tell a star how you feel! Why do stars speak out on every global health issue except the one they can actually help solve?

Make global connections. Join the international movement to avert tens of millions of tobacco casualties in history's largest generation. Hollywood movies are America’s most toxic export.

Stay in touch! Send us copies of your press coverage and samples of educational material you develop. Join the Smokefree Movies Action Network to exchange experiences and coordinate strategies with groups in your state, across North America and around the world. Together, we will win.

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